Intelligent Power Solution

The advanced energy storage technology developed by Tianneng Group provides customers with a new model of application solutions for smart energy storage. The lead carbon battery energy storage system, in particular, through advanced battery technology, intelligent manufacturing level, scientific energy management and system integration capabilities, reduce costs and increase efficiency, greatly improve product performance, leading in the industry, cycle life More than 10 years, the investment income of energy storage system has been greatly improved, which has promoted the application of the commercialization mode of the energy storage industry and has outstanding performance in the field of energy storage.

Advanced Battery Technology

Lithium battery & Lead carbon battery, high power discharge, longer service life, high safty & reliability, cheap maintenance, outstanding charge and discharge acceptance, lower heat generation.

Intelligent Manufacturing Mode

Integration of informationization and industrialization, automated production process, online measurement, in-time monitoring and information transmission, etc.

Scientific Energy Management

Integrated module design, diversified new energy intelligent involvement, economic system, rational configuration & optimization, realize modern, clean and efficient energy application

Application System Integration

Modular management integrated system for intelligent selection, fast response, precise tracking, intelligent switching, flexible expansion, easy maintainance, safe and reliable.